Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Complete, done, Ended, Finished, Ready!!!!!

Well its been a while, and Now as the title says, Complete!!!

It has been 4 months since my last post, and have got a big update for you, so I better go ahead and start this,

Well After the sucsess of Motorvation 07 and mainly getting some new tyres - 265/35/18s, It went home and was time to start the new process of its life, The Old turbo blew some seals, hence why it was so smokey!! So I thought it might be good to just go a new turbo, High-mount (True show poney coming through)etc, I sold my existing Turbo Manifold, Dump and Front Pipe, Cat Converter and the Screamer pipe which plumbs back into the exhaust.

To take this out, I did this myself in my Single laned carport, and Really, I just found it to be some nuts and bolts and quite straight forward (To my suprise), took about 2 hours, and then The engine bay turbo side was all open..As you can see the photos below.

So once this was out, I had already pre-ordered a Turbo Manifold and ITS 60-1 Turbo From Grant @ Per4manz Turbos, But sadly to both parties, Weeks on end, Just kept dragging on and seemed to be lost in transit (The manifold this was)Then Chinese New Year came up, so that was another two weeks. Then We thought it was on there way, but then still didnt come, So unluckily I had to pull out of the sale due to not being able to just keep waiting. So I was lucky enough to pick up a SR high Mount Steam Pipe Manifold, and a Front and Dump pipe to suit, Which was ceramically coated (Now thats worth a bit of $$$)

This came off a 10sec SR20 Silvia (Only one in WA) and Simon is such a good bloke and it saves me about $1000 in buying this off him, also its good to do things right, and so Stainless was out the door and Steam Pipe was in!!

Then once the Manifold arrived, I went back to Per4manz, but to my luck he was out of the 60-1 Turbos, So there was no time to waste, So I got Josh @ C-Red to order me in a 3540 Turbo (Which was my 2nd choice of turbo), So once that got ordered, It was a couple of days till it arrived, and when it did it was already to be fitted, I quickly got a couple of happy snaps of the manifold fitted, and it just sits so nicely in there.

So It was all installed, and this is the final prodcut, the turbo is just massive, espically since it is recommended for 2.5L and 3L 6-Cylinder Engines. Shaun from All Star Garage, Did the tune for me and he definatley did a fine job!! On 20psi, It made a very respectable 401.6 rwhp at only 20psi, The tune was very safe with an Air/Fuel Ratio of 11-1. Considering the turbo Effeciency is 21-26, its still got alot left in it..:) Here is a picture of the engine bay below (Please allow the phone picture to hurt your eyes, Will have a better one soon!)

So now, the engine bay is done, When I was on NissanSilvia.com I came accross this set of wheels, and was like shocked....! BRAND NEW Work Meisters Black, but this is the good bit, The sizes are staggered!

18 x 9 (offset -5) 225/40/18
19 x 10 (offset -5) 245/35/19

When i bought these they came over in there origional boxes, They are just Mint, and they fitted on the Car very well!! Though very stretched tyre (Which isnt a good thing, but need to change it soon!) The rear fit perfect with the amount of camber it has running, I do have some Rear Upper Camber arm to fit, which then I can re align it, but the 19s just seem to suit the wide body so well. The fronts stick about 15mm out from the guards, but that just gives it that HardCore Jap look!

Anyways So end this all off, Just left to go is a VG30dett Box which I picked up off Simmo aswell, which will be installed in the next couple of weeks, but Just below I could say is the final Product, and Hope you do enjoy it. :)

And So Project Sil80 Is complete.!

Andrew/ Shibb

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Death Rattle

Well another monthly update, and well a Few things has happened since the last Post after PAS and Panel and Paint.

First of all Car has been at C-Red and got a few things done to it. To Start off the clutch was checked as I found it was slipping at high RPM in the higher gears, such as 3rd/4th. When Roy pulled this out he noticed there was plenty of meat left on it. The reason it was "slipping" was due to the sudden power surge when the turbo hit full boost. So, really only thing that could be done, would be to go a Twin Plate (hence tittle). The clutch that went in was an OS GIKEN STR Carbon Twin Plate Clutch, A little write up below

The New OS Giken STR series can handle up to 600hp, yet retains drivability very close to standard with 30% lighter pedal effort than most multi-plate clutches. By using special new plate and diaphragm designs, OS Giken has achieved ample power handling with just 715kg clamping pressure. This makes the STR series perfect for everyday driving applications, along with most race and drift applications.

The clutches come complete with lightweight chrome-moly flywheel, ruby red-anodised billet aluminium clutch cover and the required bearing/carrier set or pull-push converter kit where required.

^ Thanks to Otomoto.com.au and sillbeer.com

Also While in C-Red, A few other goodies were put in. My Defi Sensors were installed with a GReddy Sandwhich plate. KAZAMA castor rods were installed, HID headlights, which I found awesome when I first drove it at night, so much more brighter then stock lights, and definatley look the part.

Another Mod, which I have been waiting a long time for has the TOMEI 2 Way 4.3 ratio Mechanical LSD, This has, as I would call it, is "brendo" spec, due to how pretty it is.

The sensitive L.S.D. will work even when the slightest torque is applied.
Increased ability to transfer power from the engine to the wheels without loss of power.
The power acting on the plates is reduced so that abrasion on the plates are protected.
Increased number of friction plates greatly improves abrasion efficiency and heat capacitance of the plates.
Not only the friction plates, but all parts of our L.S.D. have been improved and made larger, so the overall strength of the main body is increased.

Anyways Pics are below, Look forward to next update, which may incure some suprises!! and thanks to Brendo for the pics below



Kazama Castor Rods

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Panel and Paint V2

Well after a long time without an update, I thought I might give you all a quick fix one. Since I last posted about the Defi Gauages, There has been a few events.

First of all, On a stupid note, a Wednesday after work, was not concentrating at a T junction, I simply rolled into the back of another car, which had stalled. My fault, luckily there was very little damage, and all I did was just put a crack in the front bar. I offered the pay the other party for the damages and the guy was real good about it. So the damage was just a crack in the front bar, and small chip off the fender.

This was an unlucky time, As PAS - Western Salon Was on in 11 days, I tried to get it fixed by ATEC Panel and Paint, but unluckily they were broken into and couldnt get the front bar fixed. I still entered with Silvia WA. Might notice a "shirt" This was covering the small damage for the show. It was a great Weekend, where we won "Perths Hottest Club" and also quite humerious I was Classed into the "Old School Class" as my car was from the 80's. Where I took out "Best Engine Bay" and "Best Old School Car". To be honest, wasnt much of a thrill as there wasnt much "Show" Class competition in my section. Tho better, then no trophies at all.

I also entered in the dyno comp where I pulled a respectible 292 rwhp @ 13psi.

But back on the Panel, the car has been dropped off to the panel shop (Thanks Anytime Towing) where these problems to be fixed. Once this is complete, it will be taken to C-Red Tuning, where the car will be finished off with all the small bits left to do, including final tune.

Anwyays a few pics from the weekend for you.

And Lastley a Lovely picture of me with my 2 trohies (this was after No sleep the night before, and very long days....)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Few More Gauges.

Sorry for the short delay, but really nothing has happened still waiting on final tune, but as well as Pineapples, 2 way Diff, Castor Rods and a few other little things.

But on the weekend, I stopped by Vision R as he gave me an awesome price on some Defi BF Amber 60mm Gauges. I bought Oil Pressure and Temp.

I installed them that day, Just linked them up, am waiting on a sanwhich plate before I can install the sensors, Few pics below.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I have Sound!!!

Driving two hours without a stereo is boring!

I was not going to worry for a bit, but i realise how much i needed music, So I did some research into decks. I was buying an ipod, So I wanted one that I could interchange with it and play music through it.

I went into JB Hi Fi, and started looking, and after going home and researching again, I went back and bought the Alpine 9856 Deck, as Seen here. Also a Set of JL Component Speakers..

Were installed last night, and definatley were worth buying them.

Car goes back tomorrow for finishing touches.

Castor Rods
Fuel System

A fair bit has Happened.

Well Since the last Post, A fair bit has Happened.

Car is Registered.
Swaybars are in,
De Cat is in,
Screamer Pipe Added,
Boost and Water Temp Gauges in,
2nd Tune Complete.

On the 2nd Tune, went very well. I ended up with 309.6 rwhp @ 1 bar of Boost. I thought was quite a good result, as still really a run in tune and when the next tune comes, more timing will be put in.

I Have attatched a couple of pics for you, including the dyno.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Run in Tune.. Complete!

Well Glad to say after a few hiccups.

The run in tune is complete, It was Done by the EMS Speciallists at Guru Motorsport in Bunbury.

236.3 rwhp @ .6bar

I was quite impressed with this figure, Considering its a Run in Tune and will be bit more power, when it has passed rego and recieves the extra "legal" stuff before it gets it complete tune on 1.8 bar.

Dyno Sheet Attatched.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cabin Sucess!!!

Well What a great Weekend,

Besides Saturday night (Dont remember much)

Car made it, not tho Finished and lacking a few points, But they never seemed to come up over the weekend, besides every 2nd person coming up and sticking there fingers in my boothole.

Highlight of the weekend was winning two awards in the Street Class Section.

Best Body kit Innovation
Best Wheel Innovation

Which was really Suprising for me, as Car wasnt finished.

But Have taken some photos for you which are below.